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Goldmine of King Penguin appreciation

A magnificent reminder of a moment in time when every great record sounded like this - Goldmine Magazine                                                                                                     Click to read whole article in Goldmine         

King  Penguin Cares About "7 + 7 Is" 

Singular Sensation

Seven + Seven is King Penguin

A Box Set Full of Beauties

- Goldmine Magazine


Coming off a New York Crabfest Concert appearance, King Penguin is proud to announce its inclusion in Fruits de Mer Records' most  most impressive project yet, "7 and 7 Is," a collection of classic American Psych by 8 modern bands.


Now on sale at Fruits de Mer


'7 and 7 is'

A box-set of seven 45s featuring:

The Bevis Frond play Clear Light
The Higher State play 13th Floor Elevators
The Chemistry Set play Love
Sendelica play the United States of America
King Penguin play The Byrds
The Gathering Gray play Moby Grape
Black Tempest/The Seventh Ring Of Saturn play Spirit/Grateful Dead



For more information, see Fruits de Mer Records



King  Penguin Plays Fruits de Mer Fest in NYC


King Penguin @ The Bowery Electric

  Lanny & Bill send sparks at Bowery Electric


KP fits to a Tee

Electric Video

King Penguins plays 'She Don't Care About Time' at the Bowery Electric in New York as part of Fruits de Mer Records International Crabstock Festival. Similar events are held in Wales, Helsinki and Connecticut. For more of King Penguin's big night out go to KP's   Youtube Channel

King Penguin Radio Replay

Pretty  Exciting

Phil May of England's legendary Pretty Things and King Penguin bassist Bill Sweeney discuss their involvement in Fruits de Mer Records release "Sorrow's Children" at Fruits de Mer All Day Psych Festival in Soho (London) on Aug. 10.

'Dear Eloise' from 'Re-Evolution - FdM Sings The Hollies'

Raving about  King Penguin and 'Dear  Eloise'

Another ensemble much admired around these parts are King Penguin, who set about dusting down "Dear Eloise" and through the shimmer of sitars recalibrate it in a sumptuous glow that much recalls some kind of weird fusion of the Byrds' ‘Clark / psych / Parsons’ variations.

- Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience) reviews 'Re-Evolution: FdM sings the Hollies.'

King Penguin’s ”Dear Eloise” is one of the album’s finest pieces with its sitar and orchestration. Once again a total success by Fruits de Mer and the talented modern age musicians that they have been drawing like a magnet during the recent years!                                                                                                                                              -     

King Penguin are from the New York City area and do a very interesting take on Dear Eloise. It starts off with a country-rock feel, then veers off into sitar and tabla driven Eastern influenced psychedelia ... a very cool transition
. - Aural-Innovations

Cedar Hill  from  The Crab Sells  Out

Click to Play Dear Eloise on Soundcloud


RE-EVOLUTION: Fruits de Mer Sings the Hollies

Featuring King Penguin on 'Dear Eloise'


  The Hollies - Manchester's answer to The Beatles, and a bloody good answer at that. Great songs, great vocals, great band - so why are they so massively underrated? Their albums, especially from 66-68, were minor masterpieces, but their record label seemed obsessed with singles success, so the albums were underpromoted and many of the songs rarely heard. Fruits de Mer is doing its bit to redress the balance with an LP + 7" extravaganza that showcases 16 songs, reinterpreted by FdM artists from the UK, USA, Russia, Sweden and Portugal, including The Higher State, The Bevis Frond, Us and Them, Beautify Junkyards, Hi-Fiction Science, King Penguin and The Electric Stars.
All housed in a stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Frank Suchomel (who also designed 'Sorrow's Children', so you just know it's going to be good)....

It started out as a four-track ep and just grew and grew..
FdM asked artists old and new what The Hollies would have siounded like if they's spent more time East of Darlington, Graham Nash hadn't packed his kaftan and left for the West Coast and EMI had given them all unlimited time in Abbey Road, unlimited quantities of drugs and unlimited access to Norman Smith - the results might not sound much like that - but it was a start-point...
It's taken nearly a year to come together, but i think it's been worth it - i hope you do too. More details soon, but meanwhile please email me for pre-ordering details and to get on the FdM mailing list for future releases.

- Keith, Fruits de Mer 


The Crabs Sell Out

The Crabs Sell Out/The Crabs Freak Out

This two-CD FdM sampler features King Penguin doing "Cedar Hill," written by producer Ray Lambiase, plus new and exclusive tracks from the likes of The Bevis Frond, The Pretty Things, Paul Roland, Sendelica, Vibravoid, Stay, Beau and Anton Barbeau. It adds up to 150 minutes of original songs, virtually all previously unreleased.

King  Penguin - 'Old Man Going'  from  'Sorrow's Children'

Thoughts And Words -  YouTube


Merchandise (to come)

The Joy of  'Sorrow's Children'

From Mr. Phil May,

'I was pleased and flattered. Dick and I came up with the album’s title, ‘Sorrow’s Children,’ we had our heroes that inspired us, so if through ‘S.F. Sorrow’ we’ve passed on the baton to the current crop of musicians, great. I think it’s a very interesting project and I hope all the bands have put something of themselves into their versions of the songs.'                                                 — Phil May, the Pretty Things



mr. atavist: A labor of love

and an excellent one at that

You can argue S.F. Sorrow was the first concept record, the first rock opera,a pre-cursor to Tommy, The Pretty Things’ finest hour…what you can’t argue is that Sorrow’s Children: The Songs of S.F. Sorrow is anything but a labor of love and a damn excellent one at that. ...  King Penguin, who did The Byrds justice with the stellar Thoughts and Words from Keep Of The Grass, give their royal treatment to Old Man Going, one of the finest tracks from S.F. Sorrow. King Penguin capture all the melancholy disillusionment of Sorrow while somehow making the whole affair seem celebratory and almost angelic in its longing and crippled dreams.


'Sorrow 's  Children'  is  Born

King Penguin appears in 'Sorrow's Children," a tribute the father of all rock operas, 'S.F. Sorrow.'

Album includes closing track by the masters themselves, the Pretty Things!






 Mark Barton (Thesundayexperience)

 More progged out loveliness arrives courtesy of King Penguin’s masterly coverage of ‘Old Man Going,’ the sighing and weeping string accompaniment exacting upon it a richly tailored tear stained head bowed hollowing.



'S.F. Sorrow' - IS THE classic rock opera/concept album, the iconic, groundbreaking 60s psychedelic rock album; It represents the Pretty Things' finest 40 minutes (although 'Parachute' ran it bloody close).
For over a year, Fruits de Mer been working on a compilation of covers of songs from this fantastic album. It's finally come together, it's sounding great and we EVEN have an exclusive Pretty Things live version of 'Loneliest Person' as a bonus track plus an interview with Phil May and Dick Taylor for the sleeve! And May and Taylor have given the album its all too fitting name.

For more information on tracks, bands and availability,  CLICK THE COVER OR HERE

What they  are saying  about  King Penguin


Mark Barton at The Sunday Experience

THOUGHTS AND WORDS!/notes/mark-barton/keep-of-the-grass/344771028891224

Nineteen psychedelic servings are to be found on this hulking head
expanding melodic mirage kicking off with a rather superb recasting of
the Byrds ‘thoughts and words’ by King Penguin who delicately dimple
said nugget with a vibe so seriously laid back its almost horizontal
sitar shimmers, a mushrooming of head swirling moods radiate with
opiate blissfulness to the hazily glazed drift sphere dialects.
More progged out loveliness arrives courtesy of King Penguin’s masterly coverage of ‘Old Man Going,’ the sighing and weeping string accompaniment exacting upon it a richly tailored tear stained head bowed hollowing. (Facebook)



December, 2011
Opening with some chiming guitar and hand drums, King Penguin sound
languid and reasonably stoned on 'Thoughts and Words', the sound of a
sitar giving that authentic sixties ambience, a great start.

 Jim Mills

Your take on the Byrds tune was great, maybe even better than the
original. I remember specifically, when I first heard it, thinking
"Yea this is going to be a good project!"

Fruits de Mer Records

King Penguin ooze class in this cover of The Byrds track - great vocals, searing guitar, great production - what a tremendous way to

kick off a double album!


King  of  the South Pole

King  Penguin  on the  record

 King Penguin cover of the Byrds' "Thoughts and Words" appears on the first track on "Keep Off The Grass," a double LP, vinyl compilation  from England's Fruits de Mer Records. Sorry, the set is already completely sold out. King Penguin and Fruits de Mer do have plans for further projects so stay tuned!



Heather Faye Kahn - WFMU


Talk to the Penguin about booking, this site or anything at all. Make sure to get on the mailing list.

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The King Penguin Story

King Penguin, formerly known as Grey Matter, is just taking flight in the Long Island area and beyond. Mixing classic covers with original tunes, King Penguin is equally at home playing clubs, parties and concerts.

King Penguin stands as a long-delayed reunion of a high school band known as Grey Matter. Lanny Sichel (lead guitar and vocals), Gary Mohran (vocals and guitar) and Bill Sweeney (bass) got back together for the Internet recording project "Here Without You," a tribute to Gene Clark of the Byrds. Another friend, Bill Intemann (drums and vocals), was added and the two resultant songs,  "Gypsy Rider" and "The True One," have been played on WFMU in Jersey City and Stony Brook's WUSB.

(Note: Before clicking on these tracks or any other KP media, please remember to turn off the background music with the control located at very bottom left of this page.)


The name change came when it was realized there were many Grey Matters, past and present. King Penguin was chosen as more reflective of the current group's jingly-jangly nature. Recordings featuring original material are to follow. Meanwhile King Penguin is busy hitting area stages such as Mulcahy's in Wantagh and the Triad in Manhattan.



Happy Birthday to Bill I.



Bill celebrates birthday bash at Gunther's with unexpected artistic addition to drum set. 

 The new drum head in action at Sunset Grill. Thanks to Greg Meade for the original and to Dennis Nobile

for the "The Penguin Variations."

Flashes from past


 Long before King Penguin is hatched, Bill I. (l.) and Lanny join forces in country-rockin' White Line Fever at Goody's in Central Islip, and shortly thereafter Bill trades guitar picks for drumsticks. Some time earlier, Bill S. and Lanny find a cure for the Summertime Blues as Moonshine storms Holy Trinity HS in Hicksville.  

King Penguin in The New York Times

Well maybe not actually in the The Times but certainly on its Web site. A selection from King Penguin's forthcoming release, "The Sub-basement Tapes," can be heard intro-ing and outro-ing a companion slideshow to a Travel Section story on Ken Kesey and his forced flight to Mexico. Author Lawrence Downes narrates the multimedia presentation and a button to it is on the left side of the page. Click there and also make sure to read Downes' fine story. Remember, you're either on the bus or off the bus.

Flight of the Penguin

Thanks to Rich Terrana. 

King Penguin in The News

Mighty Quinn discusses King Penguin and Hope For Stroke.




March 28 - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622

 April 5- Faddy Malone's, Levittown - 516-470-1946

 April 12 - Gunther's, Northport - 631-754-9659

May 9 - Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952
June 14 - Gunther's, Northport - 631-754-9659
July 18 -  Faddy Malone's, Levittown - 516-470-1946
August 9 - Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952
September 19 - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
September 27 -  Gunther's, Northport - 631-754-9659
Oct. 25 - Whoville, Bethpage, 516-931-9296
 Nov. 28 -  Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952
Dec. 6 -  Faddy Malone's, Levittown - 516-470-1946 
Dec. 20 - Gunther's - 631-754-9659
 Jan. 30 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
Feb. 7 - Gunther's, Hector Fuentes Family Benefit, Northport - 631-754-9659
       March 14 - Brightwaters Inn, Brightwaters (special added St. Patrick's show, 7 p.m.) - 631-665-9599  
March 28 - Faddy Malone's, Levittown - 516-470-1946 
  April 24 -  Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952
 May 1 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.)

June 6 - Brightwaters Inn, Brightwaters - 631-665-9599

 June 12 -  Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952

July 11 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659



  Aug. 8 -  Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952


Aug. 28 - Waterfront Tavern , 245 Woodcleft Ave.

(on the Nautical Mile), Freeport - 516-608-5026

(Special early start of 7 p.m.)



Sept. 26  - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659


Oct. 2 - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622

(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.)


 Oct. 10 -  Faddy Malone's, Levittown - 516-470-1946

 Oct. 30 -  Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952



 Nov. 28  - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659 



 Dec. 19 -  Faddy Malone's Christmas Spectacular

Levittown - 516-470-1946 


 Jan. 22 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.)
March 20 -  Gunther's, Northport- 631-754-9659
 March 27 - Faddy Malone's, Birthday Party, Levittown - 516-470-1946
Featuring keyboardist David Bennett Cohen of Country Joe and the Fish
Byrds set
CancerCare Benefit
Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952
 April 30 -  Sunset Grill, Seaford - 516-785-4952
  June 4 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 
 June 26 -  Gunther's, Northport- 631-754-9659 
July 24 - Faddy Malone's, Levittown - 516-470-1946
Sept. 17 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 
 Oct. 9 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659 

Levittown - 516-470-1946 





Jan. 15 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659


Feb. 11 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.)
  April 29 -  Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 
May 21  - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659 
June 21 - Private party
   Sept. 9  - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 

Oct. 22 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659 
 Retrofest - Monterey Pop Tribute
Nov. 19 - Whoville, Bethpage
  Jan. 21 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659
 March 30  - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 
  April 28 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659
 Oct. 5  - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 
Nov. 3 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659
Dec. 15 - Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659
March 2- Gunther's,  Northport- 631-754-9659 
March 23 - Faddy Malone's Birthday Bash
Faddy Malone's, Levittown 516 470-1946

April 12  - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
(Special early start of 8:30 p.m.) 
April 20 -  Blue Parrot  Massapegua, 516-797-5908
May 11 -  Swing the Teapot, Floral Park
 June 1  Gunther's, Northport- 631-754-9659
   June 21 - Poco Loco Roslyn (special 9 p.m. start)
July 20 - Private party
  August 17 -  Blue Parrot  Massapegua, 9 p.m., 516-797-5908
  October 5 -  Blue Parrot  Massapegua, 9 p.m., 516-797-5908

Oct.  26, Gunther's, Northport- 631-754-9659 
  Nov. 8 - Poco Loco, Roslyn, 9 p.m.
 Nov. 15 - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622
Dec. 14 - Faddy Malone's Christmas Party
 Faddy Malone's, Levittown 516 470-1946 
Main Street, Northport
March 22- Faddy Malone's Birthday Party
Faddy Malone's, Levittown 516 470-1946 
Fruits de Mer Records presents CrabstockUSA with
King Penguin, the Seventh Ring of Saturn and Sky Picnic
Northport, NY
(Painting by Cathy Nichols)
Oct. 10 - Private party
 Friday, Nov. 14 - Eleanor Rigby's, Mineola - 516-739-6622


King Penguin at Mulcahy's

King Penguin hits the big stage at Mulcahy's in Wantagh in Hope For Stroke Benefit. Sharing the bill in the March 15 event is        The Pants, whose Dave Ball and Steve Sollog (yes the former Sheik!) also help out on our set, as does Rich Terrana of                The New Trinos. Yet another featured guest is Jim Treutlein of the Treutlein/Novak Band. Thanks guys, we couldn't have done it without you. Day is a tremendous success with funds raised, prizes given, autographs signed and Pants lead singer Chris Ball, a stroke survivor himself, rallying the troops.

Radio Friends of the Penguin






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