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Career counseling

Posted by kingpenguinband on February 17, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (29)

(This is written for inside people)

So I'm on the train last night. Marty, thank god, gets off in Hicksville. A lady with a lot of luggage gets on. She has a homeless guy (not Marty) helping her for a tip and a ride to Huntington.

This guy sits next to me.

Can I see your paper mister?

Keep it, I've read it.

Coming home from work?


Where do you work.

{Points at paper).

How long you been working at the paper?

Thirty-four years.

You must have a lot people working under you.


You would think after 34 years you have people working under you.

You would think.

This one goes to '11

Posted by kingpenguinband on January 6, 2011 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The New Year is upon us and the tree is almost out the door, so it's time to look back at how King Penguin closed out 2010 before they welcomed '11.

The Faddy Malone's Christmas Spectacular in Levittown was just that, with a big crowd and many friends, man of whom chipped in. The most impressive of KP's helpers were the Penguinettes, led by Deanna and Priscilla Sichel in giving us a very choral Christmas.

Next up was the bluesy tandem of guitarist Mark Lane and harp man Funky Ray Lambiase, who had the gang low down and Southbound.

Dennis Nobile and his sliding Strat then took us to Champagne, Illinois. The song was co-written by Bob Dylan and the Old '97s, but Dennis, who has been hitting the North Jersey circuit, made it his.

As usual, the Gabis Brothers arrived just in time to leave us Eight Miles High. Look for Jack and Don with the Welldiggers, our fair Island's newest super group.

Again thanks to Steve Malone for opening his doors to the Penguin.

Read more about the party in the Mighty Quinn:

On Saturday, Jan. 15, King Penguin welcomes the New Year with an appearance at Gunther's in Northport.

Check the calendar page for more 2011. And KP is always looking to expand its horizons so let us know if you know of a venue up our alley.

New Year dawns

Posted by kingpenguinband on November 3, 2010 at 11:07 PM Comments comments (0)

King Penguin is proud to announce it is venturing forth into the New Year. Gunther's Tap Room in Northport is now posted for Saturday, Jan. 15. Before that we plan to see you at Faddy Malone's in Levittown for our Christmas Spectacular on Saturday, Dec. 18.We might even practice for that one.

By the way, if you know of a place that might benefit from a King Penguin visit, please let us know!

John Lennon Tribute

Posted by kingpenguinband on October 11, 2010 at 8:58 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the first edition of the King Penguin Blog!

Don't worry, we will try to keep this brief. Just want to say thank you to all followers of the frozen fowl. We couldn't do it with you.

Saturday, Oct. 9 saw KP drop in on Gunther's in Northport where we premiered a birthday tribute to John Lennon. A rocking "Instant Karma" got it started, followed by a screaming "Cold Turkey." Special guest Roseann belted out "Imagine" and everybody was singing along, even the most hard boiled lobstermen.

It all worked out so well we expect to carry over most, if not all of the offerings of solo and Beatles songs to our Dec. 18 gig. One Lennon title sure to be added is "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" as that night marks our Christmas Spectacular at Faddy Malone's in Levittown. Save the date!